Petition for Congress: Civilian Certifications to all Veterans and Service members – Announcement from Veteran Job Opportunities


This post below came from one of my LinkedIn groups.  Check it out as it affects veterans.  I think it is a worthwhile endeavor to support and encourage you to click the links below.

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  • Group: Veteran Job Opportunities
  • Subject: Petition for Congress: Civilian Certifications to all Veterans and Service members – Announcement from Veteran Job Opportunities

Hello Group Members,

As you know, I do not really promote anything that is not VJO related, but I feel that there is a cause worth promoting today. After reviewing a petition submitted on by one of our members, Matthew Wheller an Air Force Veteran and civilian recruiter, I agree that his petition is valid and should be seen by all service members who might be and have been affected by this issue.

Matthew submitted a petition for congress to review the current policy for properly certifying military service members for jobs conducted while serving in the military which currently do not translate into the civilian workforce without additional civilian training.

Jobs such as:
– Crash Fire Rescue requires a service member to earn certification in order to conduct their work, but these certifications are not recognized by most local and state agencies, but only by federal agencies.
– Medical Corpsman and Medics are not always given EMT certification which allows them to transition into civilian EMT jobs even though they might have combat experience and more knowledge than most EMTs currently working in these positions.
– Military Police are still required to take the state POST certification in order to become eligible for higher at most state and local law enforcement agencies even though they might have several years experience conducting their job as a law enforcement agent in the military.

These are just some of the many jobs that our service members conduct while serving our country and they are still not recognized by the civilian authorities as experienced and qualified individuals only because they do not have a recognizable certification. Certifications not only cost money to the Veteran, but they also take time and seniority away from them which allows their non-Veteran peers to succeed at a faster rate than those who have served our nation.

Members, lets ban together on this cause and spread the word and the link to everyone we know so that we can get this petition ball rolling and make a positive change for Veterans in the future. Thank you for your help and support on this cause.

Adam Casas
Veteran Job Opportunities

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