Information Technology School For Veterans


I came across this post on a Veteran LinkedIn group Worth checking out:

We have an IT Program that is six months long for veterans. Your post 9/11 GI Bill pays for the program, you are eligible for BAH while attending the course. The course is in Miami, FL at Atlantis University. If you or someone you know that could use this training and get a rung up on the employment ladder, have them contact me, Shannon Jernigan, at 915-727-2075 or email me and I will send them the application forms and the other required documents list that they wil need to have with the application.

Next class begins on July 1, You will need to have the application and other required documents in by at least 15 May so that we can get you certified and BAH in place by the time the class begins. The certificates that you will be trained to pass are: A+, S+, N+, COMPTIA, and 2 Microsoft certificates. You have to learn the material AND PASS THE TESTS. If interested, please contact me asap so that I can help you with a step up for employment.




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