Using LinkedIn to Find Employment-An Approach to Really Growing Your Network




Using LinkedIn to Find Employment-An Approach to Really Growing Your Network

If you are not using LinkedIn you should be for a variety of reasons.  As a Veteran you have many things going for you… of them is your network.  Veterans tend to look out for each other and are willing to help each other when needed.  This blog post will talk specifically about using LinkedIn and growing your network.

LinkedIn is only as good as your network.  I recommend you sign up for a free account and start building your network.  You can use LinkedIn to join groups of interest, apply to jobs, and reach out to individuals who might be able to assist you in your job search just to name a few uses.  Below I am going to outline a process I used to grow my network substantially, which helps me find more contacts for my search criteria.  The LinkedIn Open Networker Group (LION) exists for people in this group to grow their network.  In other words, they will accept your invite whether you know them or not.  Members of this group typically have large networks so by connecting with them you will only grow your network.  Once again…..having a large network on LinkedIn helps you get better search results.  Below is a process to follow to tap into this group to grow your network.  Although, I must warn you……….you will receive a ton of people not only accepting your invites but others who invite you to connect……….so expect a ton of traffic hitting your email.

The reality is this……..I do recruiting for a living……..I have over 11,000 first degree connections…….I have hired multiple candidates from people I found on LinkedIn…………..I have received job offers from people who have found me on LinkedIn…………So LinkedIn can really benefit you for networking and job search.  Here is a step by step process to follow if you are interested in growing your network with very little time invested.  BTW, no need to pay for the account below….use the free access.

There are 50,000+ participants of the group on LinkedIn!

If you did not already know: has a free account option to download and use the latest Invite Me List for LinkedIn for free!

If you already have an account on, simply sign in at:
and click on the “Build Your Networks” tab.

If you don’t already have an account on, create a free one at:
and select the free “List Download Only” option. After confirming your email address with the system, click on the “Build Your Networks” tab.

As a free participant, you (as well as the other 200,000+ people who are part of can download the Invite Me List for LinkedIn for free.

Of course, it is even more valuable to be a paid Member and one of the people on the Invite Me List who are getting invited by those other people!

For more information and to add yourself to the Invite Me List, see: is by far the easiest and most effective way of growing larger, more diverse, and more valuable networks.

With you can easily reach every open networker on LinkedIn – there is absolutely no need for anything else!

Sign up at:


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