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USC MSW Program for Veterans
Newest Jobs

Hiring Veteran’s for a Career in Financial Services in the Boston, MA area 

You’ve already served your country – here’s your chance to serve your community as a member of our qualified team of insurance and financial professionals. 

New York Life Insurance Company is actively recruiting former military personnel for sales and sales management positions. You don’t need previous sales or industry experience. All we ask you to bring is the same discipline, drive and leadership qualities you displayed during your military service.

A career as an Agent with New York Life can build upon the training and experience that you received during your time in active duty. We will help you establish your business and stand behind your efforts by providing comprehensive training, experience and marketing support services.


As a member of our sales team, you will enjoy a host of competitive advantages and benefits:
*Comprehensive and ongoing professional training and development
*State-of-the-art marketing and sales solutions
*A vast array of highly competitive financial products
*A clearly defined career path including opportunities in Management
*Substantial benefits, including a defined benefits pension plan, and significant earnings potential.
In addition to the financial rewards you may receive, you can take pride in the fact that you are continuing to make a difference in the lives of others by helping your clients build a more secure future for their families.

Like the military, as a member of New York Life, you will be joining an organization that serves its community, values integrity, rewards hard work and enjoys a long history of accountability and achievement. In fact, we’ve been protecting America’s families and honoring our obligations since 1845.

Many of our Agents and Managers have served their country with distinction. Why not take the steps now to become a part of this great legacy?

To learn more about how to become an Agent contact please contact me at 781-879-0997 or email to

George W. Knox Jr., CRPC, CLTC
New York Life/NYLIFE Securities



Please watch BHTA YouTube for more information v=Tn5T1ugLj_c v=oT9BC9Kio8U


Welcome Prospect. All of our information is our web site at If you are in the armed services, active or veterans, you will find that BAIL ENFORCEMENT OR FUGITIVE RECOVERY a perfect transitional career for you.


We offer 25 hours of elite instruction over a weekend. Our program is designed to empower our graduates with our proprietary skills, tools and techniques to work more effectively as a fugitive apprehension team unit acquiring the best knowledge base, TAT (turnaround time), tactical awareness and zero liability which we believe is the cornerstone for success, growth and avenue for the unlimited growth potential this recession-proof industry offers. Besides, no Bail Bondsmen or government agency (your client) will hire you unless you possess our elite and proprietary skills. Their money is riding on your ability to get the job done and must have the complete confidence that you will be a PRODUCER.


The normal registration fee of $600.00 but being a proud member of our military, you will enjoy a discount of 25% off this rate ($450.00) and a waiver of our $500.00 lifetime membership fee! This is our way of saying thank you. Here are some benefits of the membership package:

*             50% off any of our 1,000+ top of the line law enforcement products (non-lethal weapons, tactical apparel and much more)

*             60% off any of our 4 star hotels where we train and stay across the country

*             Discounts off any of our advanced courses.

*             Discounts to our annual conventions

*             Discounts on any of our refresher courses

To be an elite Bounty Hunter in this country, our graduates learn the principles of short-term investigations, the quickest TAT (turnaround time) and the concept of zero liability. We instill in our students that your greatest weapons are your mind and your hands to gain recognition and achievements which will give you more employment opportunities over other Bounty Hunters in this industry and more growth and revenue flow. No one offers what we do or has the history or record of success that is documented by our arrest record, years of experience, rewards, media recognition and graduate satisfaction.

Here is just a small menu of what we offer during the weekend training cadre:

Saturday – DAY 1: Itinerary

8:30 AM – 9:00 AM

Final Registration

Welcome to all attendees and intake.

9:00 AM – 9:30 AM

*             Introduction to Bounty Hunting

*             History of Bail.

*             Origins of Bail

*             Surety and Bail Relationship.

*             How the Judicial Process Begins.

*             Arraignment Process

*             Posting of Bail.

*             Bail & Surety Bonds.

9:30 AM – 10:30 AM

*             Where it Begins – The Contract.

*             Dissecting the Bail Bond File.

*             Fact v Fiction.

*             Advanced Skip Tracing

*             Pre-Text Art.

*             Throwing out the Trash.

*             A Guide to Office Investigation Efficiency.

*             Investigative & Intelligence Gathering.

*             Techniques & Skills.

10:40 AM – 12:00 PM

Advanced Handcuffing/Introduction to Krav Maga – Tactical Exercise

Our Master Instructor will teach you expert handcuffing techniques not learned anywhere else. How to cuff someone no matter the size of the combatant. We will demonstrate how to control a person that is fighting or resisting you while you are trying to place handcuffs on that person in a matter of a second and take that person to the ground without conflict or assistance. During this session, you will also be taught advanced Krav Maga skills from our Master Instructor.

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Video Demonstrations of Arrests

You will view our team and Master Instructor via live arrests seen on National and International television to observe how missions and proper arrests are carried out. Team briefings and logistics. There will be other videos available to be viewed on other Hunters to observe how their missions were complicated by poor training.

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Lunch Break

2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

KILL HOUSE – CQB – Close Quarters Battle. Bounty Hunter Tactical Training

We turn the meeting room into A KILL HOUSE. We break the attendees into fugitive apprehension team units as in real life working with and without weapons using the style of Krav Maga. Here is some of what you will learn in the afternoon: * Principals of Unarmed Combat * Combat Mind-set * Fighting Stances, Balances & Movement * Effective Striking & Striking Areas * Blocks & Counter Punching * Grip Breaking & Join Locks * Throwing & Grappling Techniques * Chokes & Strangles * Kicks * Combinations & Counter Techniques * Knife Attack & Defense * Gun Take-aways * Weapon retention * Advanced Handcuffing & Restraints * Tactical Takedown procedures * Room combat/Tactics * Improvised weapons * Frisk/Pat downs * Weapon(s) disarmaments – knife/gun * Handgun control * Door/Window Breaching * Room Clearance * Operational Planning * Working in Teams * Distraction, Use of Confusion * Crowd Clearance * Dominance * Danger Areas * Bystanders * Emergency Situations * Crowd Control * Prisoner Handling/Control * Tactical Withdrawal * Low Light Penetration & Clearance * Non-Lethal Weaponry * Extractions * Tactical Take-Downs * Detention * Transport – Air/Land-Sea * Booking Procedures – Local/State/Federal * Post Operational Debrief * Live Video Arrests

7:00 PM -?

Break for the Night! We usually go out as a team to unwind. This is a brotherhood!

Sunday – DAY 2: Itinerary

8:30 AM – 9:30 AM

Tactical Entries: Door & Window Breach – Search & Seizure.

Pre-Text in the Field to complete your mission covertly.  Blending into the Canvass of your Defendant’s Territory

In this industry we will teach you what is lawful and unlawful as to establish residency and tactical approaches and the different types of entries necessary to make your breach. In this cadre, we will also cover the search & seizure applications in the private sector of law enforcement that applies to Bounty Hunters.

10:40 AM – 11:30 AM

The Issuance of Regulations – knowing your boundaries

We will teach you when the regulation of this industry first arrived and how. Thereafter, we will instruct you how to stay within the parameters of the law and keep you free of liability. We will cover the regulations of all 50 states through the UCEA. Licensing. Firearms.

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Video Arrests

We will showcase a couple of videos to present the powers of arrest that Bounty Hunters have and the use of skip tracing, pre-text and breach that is necessary in carrying out your mission statement.

12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

Lunch Break

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

*             Tactical Entry

*             Identification of your presence

*             Proper Room Clearance

*             Search & Seizure

We will give you the proper instruction on making your entry into your fugitive’s dwelling. Knock & Announce at proper times and forcible entries. Also covered in this lecture will be proper room clearance in recovery units, working with confidential informants, avoiding the use of confusion and distraction and proper search & seizure.

*             Surveillance methodology

*             Reconnaissance

*             Use of Confidential Informants.

2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Becoming a Bail Enforcement Agent – Steps

We will guide you on the appropriate steps on how to become a (licensed) Bounty Hunter when you leave this course. We will cover how to get licensed in your state and how to find employment right in this course and outside of this course. We will cover how to find the contracts from the bail bondsmen and from the government. This is the ONLY true recession proof industry in the nation. It is a cash business! We will navigate the necessary steps to show you how to succeed in this amazing industry. We will also teach you how to network and in turn how this industry has unlimited growth potential.

3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Paperwork – Surveillance – Recon

We will instruct you on what paperwork in necessary to have on you at all times once you are contracted. This paperwork is given to you by the Bail Bondsmen. We will also provide to you in the Training Book samples of the paperwork so you can see it for yourself and use our own proprietary paperwork to organize yourself. This paperwork is the cornerstone of the industry. Never leave home without it! We will cover this in great detail. The art of surveillance and reconnaissance. Covert Status. Final steps to establish residency prior to breach.

4:30 PM – 6:00 PM

How to get the Indemnitor to work for you. The art of Negotiation. How to work with limited information. Working within the parameters of the law.

*             Pat-downs

*             Transport

*             Lockdown

The proper ways of pat downs will be demonstrated for the first time ever seen. Forget what you were trained on before or seen on television. This demonstration will save you pain in the future or massive trauma or embarrassment. We will also cover the proper way to transport your defendant to jail or a correctional facility. Also covered will be a sally port and lock-down procedures. Body receipts.

6:00 PM – 6:30 PM

*             Employment Opportunities.

*             Establishing your business plan.

*             How to obtain work product from the Bail Bondsmen from all over the country.

*             Networking to obtain unlimited growth potential.

*             Unleashing the beast in you.

*             Course De-Briefing.

*             Body Receipts. Getting Paid.

6:30 PM – 7:00 PM


Before passing out your certificates, we will collect your passports photos and fees for your hologram identification cards that you must have on you at all times when you conduct business as a Bounty Hunter. We will also present you with a catalog of our badge line so you can pick out your custom badge and peruse our stock badges as well for purchase. There will be a limited supply of other items for purchase such as tactical shirts, vests, badge holders, etc.  Hundreds of other items are available for purchase off our web site at any other time. The instructors will discuss the advanced courses available to you at this time. CONGRATULATIONS!



September 21-22nd


Doubletree by Hilton Philadelphia – Valley Forge

301 W Dekalb Pike

King of Prussia, Pa 19406

October 19-20


Four Points by Sheraton – LAX

9750 Airport Blvd

Los Angeles, Ca 90045

October 26-27


Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel

1325 Virginia Avenue

Atlanta, Ga 30344

November 2-3


Sheraton Wilmington South

365 Airport Road

New Castle, DE 19720

November 23-24


Crowne Plaza White Plains

66 Hale Avenue

White Plains, NY 10601

December 14-15


Embassy Suites BWI

1300 Concourse Drive

Linthicum, MD 21090

BHTA  only take 30 people per course. It is in the best interest of the military or anyone looking to take the training to register ASAP

http://americanbountyhunter. org/academy/course-schedule/


Scott Bernstein

CEO/Master Instructor

D 845-362-3433 F 845-362-8427

Bounty Hunter Training Academy

87 Spook Rock Road – Ste 1R, Suffern NY 10901

The only elite tactical training academy in the world for Bounty Hunters.

Planned Systems International Inc.

Since 1988, PSI has been committed to serving clients with critical healthcare initiatives, and to providing world-class solutions that create a healthier, safer and greener world for mankind. As an award-winning enterprise IT solutions provider specializing in Federal Health IT, PSI is ready to solve the problems of today and tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Submitting Resumes

PSI accepts resumes via our careers website. You will be prompted to complete a brief profile and attach your resume. careers/submittingresumes.cfm


Search Job Opportunities careers/openings.cfm


Join Our Talent Pool careers/talent_pool.cfm

When our staffing professionals determine that there is a potential match between our hiring needs and your qualifications, you will be contacted. All materials will be kept in strictest confidence.

PSI is an equal opportunity employer. M/F/V/H encouraged to apply.

FIDELIS Technology Staffing is seeking  a Fiber Optic Technician for Washington DC with Yankee White Security Clearance

Managed staffing solutions for your business.

Formed in 2002 to provide services to the telecommunications industry, KCI-Fidelis has seen its reputation for providing a consistently high level of service grow with each new engagement.

Fiber Optic Technician
Immediate need for a long term contract working with a very high profile client. Must have experience related to performing installation, termination and testing CAT 5, 5e, 6 Coaxial cable, fiber optic cabling and connectors.  Assembly and installation of panel racks in TC’s and responsible for daily documentation.
Primary duty will consist of building a Network Infrastructure from Outside Plant- into the building

*             Closet build-outs
*             Anaerobic connectors; fusion splicing; terminate OSP; horizontal installing fiber back bone.

This need will be in the MD/DC area, and could last for an entire year.   MUST HAVE Yankee White Security Clearance.

Please send resume to

Please send resume to


FIDELIS Technology Staffing seeking LEAD/SUPERVISOR TECHNICIAN for Utah


Managed staffing solutions for your business.

Formed in 2002 to provide services to the telecommunications industry, KCI-Fidelis has seen its reputation for providing a consistently high level of service grow with each new engagement.

Location:              UTAH
Term:                    3 year contract
Salary:                   Negotiable – Depending on experience.

*             ACTIVE DOD TS/SCI Full Scope Poly where poly is not out of date.   NSA CI poly will not suffice.
*             Current/Active BICSI Technician certification.
*            10 years plus experience supervising passive cabling installation crews.   Experience/understanding on red-lining floor plan drawings and other schematic floor and rack plan drawings.  Knowledge of EIA/TIA industry standards for cabling infrastructure, cable support, and data center installations that includes under floor tray, overhead ladder rack, conduit, troughs, and other conveyances.   Knowledge and experience supervising crews capable of pulling, terminating, testing, labeling all types of copper and fiber optic cables.   Understanding on use of fiber and copper test sets (Fluke) as well as ability to utilize OTDR for troubleshooting.   Additional knowledge/experience terminating fiber cables using fiber termination kits.   Understanding and experience in installation of Outside Plant cabling between buildings in manhole conveyances.

*             No travel, candidate must be local or willing to relocate on his own expense but also know that this will likely be a 3 year job position.


Support the Government Site Transition Team with the maintenance, relocation, and installation of the IT infrastructure in support of the installation of systems and services within the new operational environments.

Support cable plant related additions, moves and changes during mission transition and startup. This includes the installation and termination of inside/outside cable plant, including copper and fiber optic cable, the installation of racks, cable basket, ladder rack, termination blocks, and all associated hardware.

Install cross connections between active equipment and patch panels, to complete links in support of the mission systems per specific drawings, provided by the Government.

Please send resume to


Opportunities for Entry-level and Experienced Commercial Food Equipment Repair Technicians.

The Commercial Food Service Equipment Repair Technician program provided through TechU24/7 provides scholarship opportunities to qualified veterans through Vet2Tech.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a commercial foodservice repair technician, please visit Tech U24/7’s website at: Click on the “The Program” tab to see a short clip of the online training program. The “The Career” tab will give you an overview of what the job entails. Most importantly: Click on the “Veterans” tab which will lead you to the Vet2Tech website ( explaining the scholarship program. Please fill out the short registration form. That information will come straight to me and will provide me with all the information I need to begin your scholarship application.

Please take a moment to view this video –

I will need a copy of your DD-214 along with your registration. You may email or fax that to me. A current resume will also be helpful.

If you have any questions after reviewing this information, please don’t hesitate to call.

We at Vet2Tech thank you for your service to our country and look forward to helping you with your enrollment.

Carol Multack
Phone: 312.789.4175
Fax: 312.789.4170

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Survey of military personnel transitioning to civilian jobs


1.       What is the most important factor in your job search:

a.       Location

b.      Job type

c.       Pay

d.      Other______________


2.       If location is #1, do you want to

a.       Go home (why?)

b.      Stay near your base (why?)

c.       Go where your spouse is?

d.      Go anywhere that has a lot of employment opportunities

e.      Other_______________


3.       If job type is #1, what kind of job are you looking for?

4.       Are you REALLY open to moving wherever you can find a job?

5.       Would you move to city where you don’t know anyone?

a.       Yes

b.      No

c.       Depends on the job and only if it pays well

6.       Are you enlisted or an officer?

7.       Do you have a spouse and/or kids?

8.       Are you interested in factory jobs, skilled trades, or professional jobs?

9.       How helpful was TAP or TAMP for you

a.       Very

b.      Somewhat

c.       Not so much

d.      Didn’t really use it

10.   What sources are you using to look for work?

11.   How often do you look at the state employment sites for job postings?

a.       Always (shy?)

b.      Never (why not?)

c.       Sometimes (why?)


Please send to



Systems Engineers and Technical Subject Matter Experts

V1 Analytical Solutions (V1), Arlington, VA – has a number of positions available in support of advanced systems engineering efforts for a national intelligence agency in the Washington, DC area.    


Positions include, Senior, Mid and Junior Level Audio Systems Engineers (acoustic engineering, audio compression, speech processing);
Visual Systems Engineers (IR and UV spectrum);
Wireless Systems Engineers;
Telecommunication Systems Engineers (digital switch technologies);
LBS Systems Engineers (GPS technology);
Data Transport Systems Engineers;
Network Systems Engineers;
General Systems Engineers;
Radio Frequency Subject Matter Experts (SMEs);
Satellite Communication SMEs; Antenna SMEs, Configuration Manager, Systems Integrators and Technical Editors.

All positions require current / active Full Scope Polygraph (FSP).  This is a firm requirement.  Candidates must already have current FSP.    


All positions require relevant technical degrees, with advanced degrees strongly preferred.  Work will be in the Washington, DC area, with some travel in CONUS and overseas.

Compensation and benefits will be highly attractive for the right candidates.

Candidates who meet all the requirements above and are interested in cutting-edge technology work in support of national security should send resumes to V1 at

For more information on V1, please see our website at


Nurse Practitioner (NP) or Physician Assistant (PA) – Burlington, Iowa


Progressive, employee-friendly OHS is seeking full time, qualified Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants to provide medical services to designated beneficiaries in a clinical setting in Burlington, Iowa.

Perform a full range of NP/PA services on site, using furnished facilities, equipment and supplies to a variety of patients. All aspects of NP/PA services shall be commensurate with the capabilities of the provider and the Medical Department including but not limited to the items listed below.

Job Duties:
Provide a Case Management service which shall include, but not be limited to, the following components:
Identify employee case histories of work-related injuries/illnesses
Promptly refer the employee to a medical specialist(s) as needed for consultative diagnosis, treatment and/or prognosis of injury or disease
Expediting, tracking and receiving reports from medical appointments
Monitoring and administering current Workers’ compensation cases
Assist in the development of a Managed Care Referral Network for worker’s compensation cases, if requested
Providing follow-up medical care at the Health Center when appropriate
Maintain close communications with CNH’s third-party administrator
Facilitate, from a medical perspective, in the settlement or closing of as many workers’ compensation cases as possible
Maintain a referral network of medical providers for appropriate utilization of medical goods and services
Serve as a liaison with area physicians and hospitals
Provide substance abuse testing as required; provide medical review officer services upon request
Ensure compliance with all applicable medical and government regulations for CLIA and OSHA blood borne pathogens
Provide acute care for ill employees
Provide health teaching on an individualized basis
Provide health screening programs
Provide coordination of support services such as EAP, when indicated
Assist in the review of medical certification requests for FMLA and ADA requests for accommodations
Provide clearance examinations for employees returning to work after a medical absence
Provide medical surveillance exams as indicated
Provide laboratory services per physician order or for screening programs
Provide inoculations and prescriptions for foreign travel and workplace exposures
Provide information systems technology
Ordering and purchasing of inventory, medical and pharmaceutical supplies
Support Medical Waste Management Program
Wellness Programs
Health Screening and drug & alcohol testing according to OSHA standards

Other Services:
Support OSHA compliance Program
Support and assist employer EHS functions
Coordinate Emergency Response Planning
Other duties as assigned

Current unrestricted NP or PA license in the state of Iowa
Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant
Current BLS by the AHA, ARC, ASHI or ACEP Certification
Occupational Health work experience
Physically capable of performing all services with reasonable accommodation

Please apply online.

OHS is in an active bidding process for this position and position availability is contingent upon OHS being awarded the contract.—nurse-practitioner-np-or-physician-assistant-pa—iowa-2008.html


Paramedic – El Paso, Texas

Paramedic With Texas license and OSHA 500 Training for Fort Bliss, El Paso, TX

This position will serve as a health care professional providing high quality care in the Onsite OHS Health Center at a hospital under construction in El Paso. Assist with screening new patient, triaging patient clinical problems, assisting patients with questions concerning symptoms, medications or methods of care. Assist in the management of patients seen at the center, both during clinic session and management after clinic. Provide patient education regarding disease processes, medications, etc. and develop educational material.

Job Responsibilities:

This individual will work closely with administrative and other medical professionals to provide first class patient care and maintain patient safety, care, confidentiality and appropriate follow-up treatment. Function as phone liaison between specialists, primary care providers, and other health care professionals. On a regular and continuous basis, exercises administrative judgment and assumes responsibility for decisions, consequences and results having an impact on people, costs and/or quality of service within the functional area. Coordinate response to patient emergencies in the clinical setting. Serves as a resource in a team environment. Assist with providing training and/or competencies for staff. Other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:
Paramedic With state of operation license and OSHA 500 Training

* Current paramedic licensed in state of operation required
* OSHA Training up to level 500 required (or must be obtained within 90 days of employment)
* BLS and ACLS certifications required
* PHTLS, ITLS, and PALS recommended
* Ability to function as part of a team, as well as work independently
* Knowledge of professional standards of care
* Ability to establish and maintain effective relationship with others
* Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing
* Basic computer skills
* Knows the formal and informal departmental goals, standards, policies and procedures which may include some familiarity of other departments within the company and/or client location
* Is sensitive to the interrelationship of both people and functions within the department
* Should have similar medical experience—paramedic–el-paso-texas-2009.html

Job Fairs and Hiring Events

To view all current job fairs please visit our Job fair Blog Page:

http://military-civilian. 20fairs

IT Jobs Special
IT Careers in San Francisco, CA


To read the full description and apply or a position, please follow the links.





Java Software Engineer for San Mateo, CA  


Junior Flash Production Designer – San Francisco, CA—san-francisco-ca-1978.html  


Manager of Quality Engineering for San Francisco, CA

Principal Engagement Engineer (SWAT) for San Francisco, CA

QE Manager(s) – (.Net & Java) for San Francisco, CA—net-and-java-for-san-francisco-ca-1992.html

Senior .NET Software Engineer for San Francisco, CA

Senior Data Platform Engineer for San Francisco, CA

Senior Performance Engineer for San Francisco, CA

Senior Ruby /Cucumber QAs for San Francisco, CA—cucumber-qas-for-san-francisco-ca-1970.html

Senior Software Engineer for San Francisco, CA

Senior Software Engineer (DevOps Automation Tools) for San Francisco, CA

Senior Software Engineer (Java Agent) for San Francisco, CA

Senior Software Engineer – Technical Lead for Cambridge, MA–technical-lead-for-cambridge-ma-1972.html

Senior Systems Software Engineer for San Francisco, CA

Senior UX Designer for San Francisco, CA

Software Developer – Real-Time Engine for San Francisco, CA—real-time-engine-for-san-francisco-ca-1996.html

Software Engineer (Server-side) for San Francisco, CA

Software Engineer (DevOps Automation Tool) for San Francisco, CA

UI Developer for San Francisco, CA 

Featured Jobs

  Comprehensive Health Services - CHS

International Medical Careers with CHSi. Trusted and Independent Workforce Health Management

Comprehensive Health Services International, Inc., a subsidiary of CHS, provides a spectrum of medical support services both nationally and internationally.

CHS International’s Services (to CHSi) include onsite health units, medical exams programs, behavioral health and mobile, global medical support teams that currently serve as a vital resource to U.S. Department of Defense and Department of State initiatives worldwide.

*Biomedical Equipment Technician (593-120)Other, , Iraq
*Clinical Orthotist-Prosthetist (1843-120) Libya, , Libya
*Dental Assistant (585-120) Iraq, , Iraq
*Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic (EMTP) (587-120) Iraq, , Iraq
*Foreign National Paramedic (2004-120) Hirat, Kabul, Kunduz, , Afghanistan
*General Surgeon (588-120) Iraq, , Iraq
*Information Technologist (639-120) Iraq, , Iraq
*Medical Laboratory Technician (592-120) Iraq, , Iraq
*Medical Technologist (594-120) Iraq, , Iraq
*Nurse Anesthetist (IRAQ) (584-120) United States – Intl Posting, , United States
*Nurse Practitioner (595-120) Iraq, , Iraq
*OR Scrub Tech (1894-120) Various, , Iraq
*Pharmacist (1439-120) Other, , Iraq
*Pharmacy Specialist (714-120) United States (Deployed), , United States
*Physical Therapist (1845-120) Various, , Libya
*Physician – Emergency, Family or Internal Medicine (575-120) Iraq, , Iraq
*Physician Assistant (574-120) Iraq, , Iraq
*Property Book Specialist (2104-120) Bagdad, Iraq
*Public Health Tech (1294-120) Iraq, , Iraq
*Radiologic Technician (578-120) Iraq, , Iraq
*Registered Nurse – Medical/Surgical (581-120) Iraq, , Iraq
*Registered Nurse – Operating Room (656-120) Iraq, , Iraq
*Rig/Clinic Paramedic (2043-120) Al Qaim, , Iraq
*Rig/Clinic Physician (2044-120) Al Qaim, , Iraq
*Senior Orthotist-Prosthetist (1844-120) Various, , Libya

https://chsmedical-hr. cfm?fuseaction=app.welcome& category_id=2725&company_id= 16120&version=1&startflag=1& parent=International&levelid1= 2725

To apply for these positions, please send your resume via the Quick Links below, or visit the company website for more information.

For more information on other opportunities available with CHS, please click here:

Need Assistance?

Can’t find a job that matches your skill set? Submit your resume at this link and we’ll determine if you are qualified for any of our open positions.

Send resumes to or apply online via the CHS International Careers page

For more information on other opportunities available with CHS, please click here.

  Comprehensive Health Services - CHS

CHSi – Rig/Clinic Paramedic, Must be Fluent in Korean

Founded in 1975, CHSi. Trusted and Independent Workforce Health Management, is the industry’s trusted provider of onsite health centers and national examination programs. Major corporations and government agencies look to CHSi. Trusted and Independent Workforce Health Management, for workforce health and productivity management solutions that help maintain a healthier, more stable and productive workforce. CHS’ solutions maximize employer’s health care investment and integrate seamlessly with their existing benefits strategies.

CHSi – Rig/Clinic Paramedi

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