Top 10 Reasons to Hire A Veteran


Top 10 reasons to hire a veteran

Hiring military veterans is smart for many reason, but probably the most important is that it’s good for business.

That’s the conclusion in a study conducted last year by the Washington think tank Center for a new American Security, which looked at why companies hire veterans.

Here are 10 top reasons to hire a veteran:

1.  Leadership experience. In the military, leadership is a way of life. Former military members have day-to-day experience in both passing down orders and executing them. As active duty there is a chain of command and leaders are cultivated daily.

2.  Ability to work under pressure. Nothing indicates the ability to work under pressure like the military. Providing safety and security of the US can be stressful.

Most active duty members encounter more stress in basic training than the average citizen encounters in their entire career. Being on deployment is also stressful. Former military members know how to put their job demands ahead of personal wants.  Veterans are accustomed to working in difficult environments, traveling and even relocating to a foreign country on a regular basis. Veterans are resilient and open to change.

 3.  Higher work ethic. In order to be accepted in the military you must pass rigorous mental and physical examinations. These examinations weed out the slackers from the do-ers. Once in, the day-to-day duties must be followed to the T. As such, military are trained to perform at a higher level work ethic than the general population.

 4.  Accountability. In the military, accountability can be a literal matter of life and death. In order to keep their coworkers safe, military members must be held accountable for their actions. As an employer this will translate to ownership of job functions and duties.

 5.  Integrity. The military breeds integrity. The basis of integrity is the ability to count on a person doing the right thing while no one is looking. Integrity from a military perspective is the ability to hold together and properly regulate all of the elements of a personality.

 A person of integrity, for example, is capable of acting on conviction. When you hire a veteran, you can expect this trait to convert into sincerity and trustworthiness.

 6.  Results oriented background. Military personnel are trained to accomplish goals in an effective and conscientious manner. They’re trained to minimize idle time, ask for guidance when necessary, and to prioritize tasks.

 In the military, results matter. When it comes to civilian life, former military expect advancement to be based on merit and accomplishments.

 7.  Ability to work with diverse personalities. Being in the military exposes you to a very diverse landscape of personalities. Part of military service requires one to interact with persons of opposing views and personality types.

 8.  Respect for rules and procedure. Anyone who has served in the military knows the importance of rule and procedure.

 Veterans have experience in carrying out orders. Following rule and procedure is a matter of routine for those on duty.

 9.  Self sacrifice. Active duty personnel are taught to be loyal to the team. They’re taught to put the team before themselves.

 10. Self-discipline. In the military, self-discipline is rigid and pervasive. In boot camp, recruits are taught to put their desires, thoughts and aspirations behind their duty or job at hand. Former military men and women in general make superior employees because of the discipline that they received while in the military.

 This story was written by Phil Georgiades, a specialist in government and mortgage products, consumer advocacy and affordable homeownership at VA Home Loan Centers. He has provided home ownership counseling for more than 15 years and is licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate. He has been with VA Home Loan Centers since 2009.

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