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The job searchSoftware is an amazing way to jump-start your search for employment or a more fulfilling career.  This “do-it-yourself” approach gives you access to an online system to help building your resume, targeting your job search, have a successful interview, and track your job search  progress. 
You get access to the software for 26 weeks for only $49.99.

Put simply, what is this job search software?

  • Learn and Do Design: As you learn, we’ll help you build your resume, cover letter, interview answers, research on employers and other key notes. We’ll show you how to save them directly on our site and on your computer-you can do it all right here.
  • Summary of the Best Training and Tools: You’ll save time because we’ve carefully researched the best job search wisdom, boiled it down to the essentials and laid it out for you in a quick, easy-to-read format. We’ve also included tools that let you search jobs from thousands of job boards instantly and in one place. You’ll also find links to the web’s best tools for finding and landing your next job.
  • Customize Your Experience: You will learn quickly and efficiently because our main material is in outline form. Want detail? We’ve got that, too, with pop-up boxes that explain terms and concepts and include regularly-updated links to the best information on the web as well as in books and articles and from job seekers and other experts.
  • Commercial-Free Help: You will not be distracted by advertising and our site does not sell your information to anyone. We are strictly in the business of helping you find your next job.
  • Complete Step-by-Step Program: You will get you all the pieces of a successful job search in a logical order and in bite-sized pieces. It’s flexible, too-so you can learn just what you need to, when you need to know it. We start with your resume because your past experience often helps you see your passion and future more clearly.
  • Available Anywhere: If you’re like most people, you’ll do a lot of your job searching using a phone and computer. That’s why our training and tools are available anywhere there’s an internet connection.

If you are interested in having access to this software email Mike Walton at mikew@next-job for access information.


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