Veteran Spotlights

AHireMission knows the job market is very competitive and we exist to assist veterans to help them with the challenges of employment.  The number of veterans who are unemployed and seeking work is alarming.  However, most veterans we know are up for a good challenge.  We also know, according to a recent report, most companies would rather hire a veteran over a non-veteran.

In today’s job market veteran job seekers should capitalize on every tool at their disposal to get noticed. That’s one of the reasons AHireMission launched our Veterans Spotlight section of our website.

The Veterans Spotlight section of our site showcases highly skilled veterans seeking employment. There are several benefits to being listed on our site.  They include:

  • Tell your story beyond just your resume
  • Free of charge-no fee
  • Puts a face with the name (picture is required, preferably in uniform)
  • Discuss your goals, experience, expertise, and how that combination will benefit employers
  • Minimum 30-day highlighted exposure as a veteran on our Veteran Spotlight section of the website

Employers can view Veteran Spotlight profiles and resumes free of charge. If you are interested in being a featured veteran on the Veteran Spotlight section of AHireMission please email Mike Walton at to find out how to be featured.

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